Now-a-days Data Capturing technology has influenced each and every form of businesses across the verticals and simply because it has made lives of the shopkeepers, store personnel etc much easier by helping them automate the process of data entry, thereby reducing the pressure of manual data entry. Moreover it also helps people in getting and storing accurate information quickly and easily, thus avoiding confusion at any stage. Be it grocery stores, bakery shops, departmental stores, apparel shops or even hospitals data capturing technology has found its place everywhere and is being used to the fullest, for making the process of data entry quicker and simpler. Now-a-days, it is also considered as the finest way of accurate and faster data entry into the user’s system.

Data Capturing basically is an advanced and latest method of encoding numbers and letters by using a combination of bars & spaces of varying widths. In other words it can be said that Data Capturing is a fast, easy, and accurate way of capturing and entering data which is in the form of reference number or code which leads to the descriptive data and required information. This technology has been highly helpful in reducing inefficiencies of the process of manual data entry thus accelerating organization’s productivity and enhancing their bottom line.