Help your employees be well informed and productive with specially designed technology for working in real time, to eliminate challenges.

Enterprise mobility is a technology which when combined with data capturing technology, will help your service engineers capture and access information even when they are on move… Thus, enabling them to utilize the required information anytime they need, make sensible decisions and offer more efficient and prompt services to the customer. Not only this…even your service team can make the best use of enterprise mobility/ mobile computing by gathering relevant market data on the move and make effective sales.

Mobile Computers

Mobile Computers; which help organizations in availing the best benefits of enterprise mobility are computers which along with display screen, RAM etc also includes an optional bar code scanner. They have their own processors and are fully programmable to business requirements with numerous specific characteristics, some of which are mentioned below

  • They can capture information in real-time
  • They are capable of downloading/uploading data quickly via batch or wireless communications
  • They can hold or wear mobile computers
  • They have Integrated scanning capabilities
  • They allow web browsing
  • They can be connected to portable printers

Based on functionalities, Mobile computers are divided into 3 types, namely:

Some specific applications for mobile computing include
  • Healthcare
  • Shipping & Distribution
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Field Services and Utilities
  • Warehousing
  • Route Management
  • Work-in-Process Tracking