Be it tracking of consignments or managing it within the warehouse operations, use of barcodes, wireless and RFID technologies always help in bringing higher information availability, reducing errors, reducing wrong shipments thus increasing efficiency and adding immensely to your customer satisfaction.

Solutions in Logistics
  • Warehouse / Inventory Management (3PL)
  • Consignment Tracking
  • Automated packet/parcel pick up and delivery
  • Shipping & Dispatch of consignments
  • Automated search in warehouse
  • Location management in hub
  • Fleet Management
  • Container Yard Management


  • Tracking and updating the consignment/shipment status in real time(GPRS)
  • Reduce errors considerably
  • Better optimize the consignment routing
  • Increase the efficiency in operations and reduce the time lag considerably thus decreasing operational costs
  • With the use of our automated applications you ensure right consignment delivered at right time, adding immensely to customer satisfaction