Stringent pharma quality standards have made it imperative for businesses in pharmaceutical companies to have accurate and real time information of all the manufacturing and distribution processes. BCIL has designed and developed solutions which help you in ensuring accurate formulations, trace and track batch and date of manufacture to establish the pedigree, ensure FMFO, provide visibility to inventory and distribution all along the complete supply chain to ensure highest quality and meeting of all standards laid down by statutory authorities.

Solutions in Pharmaceuticals
  • Warehouse management
  • Work in process and formulations
  • Batch and expiry date tracking
  • Sales force automation

  • Our Pharma products and solution & services will help you in tracking the material movement throughout the operation stages.
  • Use of Bar coding & mobility devices enables you to get real time and accurate data with a seamless integration with the ERP giving 100% visibility in supply chain thus enabling faster management decisions.
  • All our solutions help in achieving compliance to the statutory FDA standards.